Transform Your Form Filling Experience with AI!

Done with struggling through extensive online forms?

Just create your profile once and let EasyDaddy use AI to handle forms on the web for you, saving you time and hassle.

One action to fill out any form

Watch example how EasyDaddy could be applied for filling out job application easily!

How it works

Simplify form filling proccess

Experience effortless work with personalized and intelligent form completion. EasyDaddy tailors your form responses to match the values and interests of the site.


Create a profile

Add and expand your information by inserting text or files to describe your profile.


Fill out a form

Form is handled automatically. The accuracy of answers increases as you use it.


Track your history

Review, update, export, and share the status of an application.

Profiles - fill out once and use infinite times

We let you create and store profiles with your personal details, making it quick to fill out forms across different websites.


After every form submission, your profile evolves, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of future responses.


It understands the unique context of each website to tailor your responses perfectly to their specific requests.

Attach a file and get it done!

You are able to attach the file with info you need for filling forms instead of inserting pure text which deffinetly saves time.



Pay after the first month of trial.

Ideal for professionals looking for a cost-effective solution for managing online forms.



This option provides the best value for users looking for a long-term solution to streamline their online activities, offering convenience and efficiency all year round.

Sarah Walz 

Startup founder

Let me share my experience with this amazing app. As a startup founder, I used to dread filling out endless application forms for VCs, grants, and accelerators. But then I found this app, and it's been a game-changer! With just two clicks, my forms are filled out effortlessly. It's like having a personal assistant streamline the entire process for me. This app understands my pain points and addresses them perfectly. It's saved me so much time and hassle, allowing me to focus on growing my business

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